Rental Light / Heavy equipments Genset drum truck

Your Trusted Partner for Rental Light/Heavy Equipment, Genset, and Drum Truck Services


Fasco Engineering takes pride in offering top-notch rental solutions for a wide range of industrial needs. With a diverse fleet of light and heavy equipment, reliable Gensets, and efficient drum trucks, we cater to the requirements of clients across various industries. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for rental services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. Extensive Fleet of Light/Heavy Equipment: Fasco Engineering boasts an extensive fleet of light and heavy equipment to support industrial projects of all sizes. From bulldozers and excavators to cranes and loaders, our well-maintained equipment is ready to take on any challenge, ensuring smooth operations and timely project execution.
  2. Reliable Gensets for Uninterrupted Power: Power outages can severely impact productivity in industrial settings. Fasco Engineering offers reliable Gensets for rent, providing a dependable power supply to keep your operations running seamlessly. Our Gensets are meticulously maintained, guaranteeing uninterrupted power during critical times.
  3. Efficient Drum Trucks for Material Handling: Efficient material handling is crucial for any construction or industrial project. Our drum trucks are designed to transport materials safely and efficiently, minimizing manual labor and maximizing productivity. With Fasco Engineering’s drum truck rental service, you can streamline your material logistics and focus on project progress.
  4. Flexible Rental Options: We understand that different projects have different requirements. Fasco Engineering offers flexible rental options, whether you need equipment for short-term projects or long-term engagements. Our competitive rental rates and personalized solutions ensure you get the best value for your investment.
  5. Professional Support and Maintenance: At Fasco Engineering, we believe in providing a seamless rental experience. Our dedicated team of professionals is available to assist you throughout the rental process, from equipment selection to on-site support. Regular maintenance and inspections are conducted to ensure that all equipment is in top-notch condition, delivering optimal performance.


Fasco Engineering’s comprehensive rental services offer a wide selection of light and heavy equipment, reliable Gensets, and efficient drum trucks to meet diverse industrial needs. With our commitment to quality, professional support, and flexible rental options, we stand as your trusted partner for successful project execution. Choose Fasco Engineering for all your rental requirements and experience the highest level of service and performance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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