Streamlining Operations with Cutting-Edge Panel/Cabinet Integration


Fasco Engineering is a trailblazer in the field of panel/cabinet integration, providing comprehensive solutions for control and distribution cabinets. With our experienced field engineers and support technicians, we excel in offering top-tier technical support and seamless integration services that optimize industrial operations.

  1. Leading the Way in Panel/Cabinet Integration: Fasco Engineering takes pride in its expertise in integrating control and distribution cabinets. Our skilled team ensures that every aspect of the integration process is meticulously executed, resulting in safe, efficient, and easily maintainable control systems.
  2. Customized Solutions for Different Sectors: Every industry has unique requirements, and Fasco Engineering understands the importance of customized solutions. Whether it’s commercial buildings, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, industrial structures, or residential projects, our panel/cabinet integration services cater to diverse sectors.
  3. Ensuring Safety and Reliability: Safety is paramount in every industrial operation. At Fasco Engineering, we guarantee that all our integrated control systems meet or exceed O.S.H.A. requirements, ensuring secure work platforms that enhance productivity and safety.
  4. Seamless Setup and Breakdown: Our panel/cabinet integration specialists efficiently handle the setup and breakdown of control systems, adhering to project schedules and timeframes. This ensures that our clients experience minimal disruptions and enjoy seamless operations.
  5. A Commitment to Service Excellence: Fasco Engineering’s underlying philosophy is centered around priorities, emphasizing the utmost importance of delivering excellence to our clients. We pride ourselves on responding to client requirements promptly and efficiently, supported by our extensive in-house database.


Fasco Engineering’s prowess in panel/cabinet integration is driven by our commitment to excellence and service. With a skilled team, vast experience, and a focus on safety and reliability, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of control and distribution cabinet integration services. As we continue to optimize industrial operations across diverse sectors, Fasco Engineering remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and empower industries to achieve their full potential.

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